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Feb 19 / admin

Amway Global — Pros and Cons

Before I start to get into any of the information, let me set the record straight. I know a lot of people believe Amway is a scam. I personally, do not believe Amway is a scam. I think it can be sometimes presented in a “hyped up” kind of way, and I think some IBOs can be “scammy”. But I think the Amway system has potential and for the right person in the right team and guidance, it could bring success. Unfortunately, I was not the right person. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t.

Here are the pros and cons of being an IBO (independent business owner) with Amway:

Pros Cons
  • residual income
  • feel like you are your own boss
  • support system
  • might take several years to achieve real success
  • somewhat over-priced items + shipping costs makes products hard to sell
  • requires direct, personal sales, and recruiting
  • requires attending weekly meetings
Feb 19 / admin

Amway Scam or Not?

If you ask me, the scam is not the MLM Amway System itself, but rather the way it gets pitched to people. The information you are told by the people who invite you or the presenters at the meetings can sometimes be very misleading…

The Three Biggest Things You Might Be Mislead to Believe

1) Success will be easy.

You will most likely hear in one of the meetings that generating sales is easy because you have friends, family, and acquaintances who are likely to buy the products.

The truth is no one likes feeling pressured and being pitched to. A lot of people find that eventually friends and family will get tired of trying to be sold on something. Success is possible, but like anything, it will take hard work and diligence. So don’t keep pressuring the people in your life, instead, get creative in your strategy to reach potential consumers. Your team will have ideas and advice too.

2) You can simply be an IBO in your spare time, at only a few hours a week.

The truth is, it takes more time than just a few hours a week to start to see any real money. And time is only one factor. There is a lot more that must come into play, like your sales and personal skill.

3) Amway is the best way to own your own business and gain real independence.

I am all for the “be your own boss” mentality. But IBO’s are not quite entrepreneurs, but rather participants in a complex system where they do not have 100% control. In this hierarchy, the orders will still come from the top. But if you don’t care about the “true independence” in your venture, then this point is irrelevant.

Feb 19 / admin

MLM Scam — What is MLM?

What does MLM have to do with the Amway scam subject? Well, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing and it refers to the marketing structure that is used by Amway Global and other companies.

The reason it is referred to as multi-level or pyramid, is because it is designed to compensate a seller not only on their individual sales but also the sales of those that they introduced to the company.

This is usually the selling point for people and why they end up joining in the first place. It’s basically pitched as a “can’t lose” system. But nothing is that simple, and there is far more to it. The nature of this structure is why you will often here Amway Global associated with the terms ‘network marketing scam’ or ‘pyramid scam’.

Feb 2 / admin

Amway Scam — The Complete Breakdown

The upside to Amway is that if you are successful, you will be making residual income. This means that rather than exchanging hours for dollars constantly, at some point (when you build teams of people below you) you will start seeing money from the sales that those underneath you are making.

Another pretty decent perk is that you get to feel like you are your own boss. This was definitely one of the appeals to me because I’m all about freedom. However, there is strong opinion that this so-called independence is an illusion.

And finally, you also get a strong support system, with Amway Global. People who are ready and willing to guide you and offer support (of course they are, your success is their success).

That being said, it is up to you to decide whether or not Amway is for you. If you try it, and find it’s not for you, I definitely recommend that you continue to search for an alternative way to have your own business because nothing is worse than feeling trapped in a 9 to 5 job.